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Help Using Your 5/50 Account

DNS Information (Name Servers)

If you have a domain that you would like to point to our servers, you must change the root zones for that domain yourself. You do this by contacting your registrar and changing the name servers associated with your domain to our DNS name servers.

Website Information

All .html files are parsed as PHP4, however for compatability .php .php3 and .php4 may also be used.
All Perl scripts should end in .cgi
Your mySQL database name is the same as your username

Access Information

Your username and password are the same for SSH, FTP and mySQL access.

FTP: servername=
Telnet: not supported, please use a secure shell program, (try putty!).
Putty is available at
FTP: Please note that you should set your ftp client for 'Passive Transfers' to ensure error
free connection to the server.

Your new email address will be username@yourdomain if you have your own domain, if not it will be