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The Signup Process
The signup process is simple. You will need to tell us.

  • How many months of service you are purchasing.
  • How many 50MB blocks of server space you are purchasing.
  • Your desired username.
  • Your desired password.
  • Your domain name (if you have one: you can still sign up without one.)
  • Your current e-mail address. (important for initial notifications from us to you)

You will be asked for a username and a password. This username will be used on our system for just about everything you do, so it is important to choose something you like and will remember.

You will also be asked to enter the domain name you want to use. This must be a domain that you already own and have paid for. It is not required that you have your own domain. If you do not have one then your website will be

Your account will become active after payment is made. We will conatct you to arrange payment. Network Support accepts cash and checks. Note: DNS updating of your domain (through Verisign or DirectNic or whoever you use) is your responsibility, and assuming you have initiated the name server changes for your domain, you domain will point to your new account also typically within 48 hours.

Please review our Privacy Policy if you have any concerns.

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