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  • Web Site Development
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Domain Name Hosting
  • Server Co-Location
  • On-line Database Management
  • Streaming Audio and Video
  • Perl / Javascript
  • E-mail redirection
  • E-commerce through CyberCash
  • Secure Socket Connections (certified by Thawte Comm.)
  • All sites are Mirrored for your protection
  • DNS support for your Domain
  • FTP
  • Telnet
  • Month to Month contract


Every hosted site can now view statistics about the traffic on their site anytime they want online! Every one of our customers gets a single page of their choice logged. They can then view stats for that page including the number of hits broken down by day, month or year. They can also see what types of visitors they are getting, which countries they have gotten hits from, how many repeat visitors they get, and more! All standard accounts (50Mb) get all their pages logged! And this service is provided absolutely free to all our customers

Web Site Hosting

If your website has already been developed and no further work needs to be done, that's ok! We can host your pre-made site on our servers.

Domain Name Hosting

Necessary if you want your own site name such as www.myownsitename.com or whatever else you can think of.

Price to register your Domain Name with us for 1 year is $35.

Cost to host your domain is NOTHING!


Basic customers get up to 10 free mailboxes, advanced user get as many as they need!


This is the basic language used to create the text and layout of all webpages.

Graphic Development

We create high quality graphics for all our sites. Graphics are used to give a site a particular feel or image. It is important that these be done well, since they are usually the key in creating a first impression.


This is a basic scripting language that is combined with HTML to create various effects on a webpage. It is often used to create 'mouseover' effects, where items are hilighted or changed on the screen when the mouse is moved over them.

The dropdown menus to the left are done using javascript.


Perl is a very powerful scripting language that can be used to power web forms, searches, user databases, and just about anything that requires on-screen input from the user.

Our feedback page is a simple example of what Perl is used for.


Like Perl, PHP is a scripting language that works much the same way that Active Server pages (.asp) work. It's a convenient way to create dynamic web pages and to run scripts within the loading of a single page. We log our stats using PHP.

Online Database Management

We offer online SQL database management for websites we develop. If you have a lot of information on your website that will be updated frequently, then this would probably be a good solution, especially if you have it saved in some form of database already.


We have the ability to sell your product or service and complete credit card transactions over the internet with the help of CyberCash and our secure (SSL) server.

Shell Accounts

When we create the account for your website you will receive access to your own shell account with a unique username and password. Experienced users may connect to this shell via telnet to perform a wide variety of tasks including making simple updates to their website or reading email.


When a credit card transaction is done online, it must be encrypted using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Our webserver is certified through Thawte as a trusted site secured by SSL.


Each customer has the ability to upload files into their account using FTP. This is useful if you would like to make a file temporarily downloadable on your site, or if you want to make simple updates to existing files immediately.

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