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Feature Basic Account Deluxe Account
Host Domain FREE FREE
Email Redirection FREE FREE
Single Page Stats yes yes
Full Site Stats no yes
Mailboxes up to 10 unlimited
Traffic up to 6GB/month unlimited
SSL Secure Server yes yes
Cost $10 + 30 cents/Mb/month $50 + 30 cents/Mb beyond 50/month
Web Developement $65/hr $59/hr
NT Servers yes yes
Linux Servers yes yes
CGI Access yes yes
Raw Log Access no yes
24/7 FTP Access yes yes
24/7 Telnet Access yes yes
Month to Month Contract README yes
Mirrored Servers yes yes
UPS Power yes yes
Redundant Power yes yes
Diverse Full T plus Wireless 1/4 T yes yes
Search Engine Submission 1 time continuous
Search Engine Checkup no yes
Happy Customers YES YES
Late Payment Fees
Any past due payment will be assessed a minimum $5.00 late fee. The actual late fee will be calculated as a percentage of the invoice amount, the percentage will vary from 2% to 10%.

Interest on Past Due Invoices
In addition to assessing a late fee, we will also apply interest, compounded continuously, and beginning on the due date. The rate used to calculate interest will be 19%.

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